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Berlin, Germany


  • Uhlandstrasse 141
  • Berlin
  • Berlin
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  • Germany




Unconventional stories are written by your interior


At the end of the day design matters. The first look, feel, touch and sense of quality make the life meaningful. We want to provide you the best so every second spent inside your home, apartment or office is priceless.

DECOculture Berlin... is a multibrand store based on the selecting the best of furniture. You can find exquisite lighting, tasteful accessories, textiles and other details to make an interior your own. Not only do we have well known designers but also one of a kind collections from all around the world. Our team is constantly looking for new ideas and inspirations. Whatever you desire, we are ready to take a journey into your needs.

Our showroom is a space for your dreams to come true. No matter if you are an individual client or a professional architect. At DECOculture Berlin you can show us your projects and we will make sure to bring them to life. In the heart of this splendid city we offer you the place where vintage furniture, art deco style and accessories combine to create something unconventional.

DECO gallery - surround yourself with the art. In addition to this, DECOculture Berlin will be also organize the art event such a vernissages and exhibitions.

Associated exhibitions and events