Christinger De Mayo

Zürich, Switzerland


  • Marchwartstrasse 31
  • Zürich
  • Zurich
  • 8038
  • Switzerland

Opening times

Wed-Fri: 12:00 - 18:00


This venue has closed down.

The Gallery Christinger De Mayo was founded in September 2009.

We are mainly interested in artists who focus on issues of our generation, art and architecture, utopian and dystopian questions, find the poetic and unexpected in everyday life, rethink the mechanisms of art and perception or explore the boundaries between virtual and real.

Our emphasis lies on Swiss Artists on the one hand and we focus on promoting Latin American Artists in Switzerland and Europe on the other hand. We try to build a bridge between the two continents by cooperating with Latin American galleries such as A Gentil Carioca in Rio de Janeiro or Arroniz Contemporaneo in Mexico D.F. Last year we were proud to present a show at the gallery curated by Pablo Leon de la Barra and to offer our space to a young off-space in Guatemala Proyectos Ultravioleta. 

We participate in fairs around the world as at Art Basel Miami Beach, Zona Maco (Mexico D.F.), Arco (Madrid), Art Rio and ArteBo (Bogota).
In exchanges like these we see the best possibility to promote a dialogue between two continents by means of contemporary art.