Chiara Williams Contemporary Art




Chiara Williams Contemporary Art is a peripatetic art gallery and consultancy. It is a new and independent direction for Chiara Williams, who draws on 18 years experience working in the art world, both in private and public sectors. 

CWCA presents the annual SOLO Award™ in Art Projects at the London Art Fair. Alongside this established platform for nurturing original talent, Chiara works with a small number of internationally-based artists to help further their practices, support their ambitious exhibitions and develop meaningful projects around the world. Chiara is also a collector and continues to work as a freelance international lecturer, consultant and curator.

During 8 years at WW Contemporary Art (which she co-founded in 2008 with Debra Wilson), Chiara Williams curated and hosted over 65 exhibitions, pioneered two collateral UK events at the 53rd & 54th Venice Biennales, established the SOLO Award ™, managed marketing, fundraising and sales, and worked with over 300 artists, curators and writers through exhibitions, exchanges, collaborations, residencies, off-site projects, commissions, publications, talks and workshops. Her background also includes 10 years as a lecturer in art history, fine art, design, media and film, alongside working at the Venice Biennale, the British Council and Modern Art Oxford. Chiara sometimes makes her own work too, and currently lives between London and Margate.

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