Independent Space

Bon Volks

Margate, United Kingdom


  • 12 Park Lane
  • Margate
  • England
  • CT9 1RQ
  • United Kingdom




Opened in August 2015, Bon Volks Studios is a new addition to the community of creative spaces in Margate.

The emphasis at Bon Volks is on fostering a strong group of artists and designers, who have a collective responsibility for the studios, making a space that positively impacts the local community. Each person joins us as a Member of Bon Volks and is given a small role in the maintenance of the building. All members are also encouraged to take an active role in shaping the future of Bon Volks and maintaining its ethos, publicly. We believe in the ability of our members to be more than fee-paying studio holders.

Bon Volks belongs to everyone who joins and we hope to achieve great things, collectively.

The studios have been made to the highest possible standard and we have made sure to provide our members with the cheapest possible rents. We believe that the way in which a studios is built and maintained reflects and promotes the ethos of the institution.

As well as the high quality studios and desk-spaces, Bon Volks also houses a Project Space, Photography Darkroom, Sound Studio and a workshop.

In Summer 2016, Bon Volks launched its residency programme, aimed at providing space for visiting artists to develop particular projects, free of financial constraints and within the beautiful and inspiring Margate community.

Bon Volks is a non-profit organisation