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Asia contemporary art platform NON Berlin

Berlin, Germany


  • Chausseestr.11
  • Entrance Tieckstr.
  • Berlin
  • Berlin
  • 10115
  • Germany

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Tube / Metro: Oranienburger Tor, Rosenthaler Platz, Naturkundemuseum, Nordbahnhof


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NON Berlin intends to raise consciousness on modern times. By breaking away from Western-oriented theories and by collecting extensive discourses that cover Eastern, Western philosophy and art we pursue to make a balance of yin and yang, a symbol of harmony. By introducing Asian philosophy and experimenting with art, we create a playful and communicative atmosphere where people can enjoy this whole process.

Berlin is an ideal place for NON as it has been the center of European culture in the past and modern times. Significant political events that happened in the past have also made Berlin a place which enables NON to look into the Asian identity from a more objective point of view. The current stable economic status of Berlin and Germany has enabled the city to re-emerge as the capital of European culture and arts, therefore, becoming the perfect area for NON Berlin to build networks, connect with people and practice our philosoph

NON Berlin is in opposition to quantitative or comparative growth. We prefer to progress slow and steadily with a careful and sincere approach to issues that need attention.

NON Berlin will proceed with network and archive building in the contemporary art scene with an aim to present a constructive vision to the future generation.

NON Berlin aims to build an international network among artists, directors and alternative art spaces who work in the Asian art scene in Berlin, a city which holds a strong reputation for its rich Infrastructure In the contemporary art scene. Furthermore, NON Berlin pursues an aim to become the hub for Culture and Arts exchange in Asia and Europe through organizing sustainable projects, mapping networks, creating archives and providing up-to-date information.

Another objective of NON Berlin is to generate discourse on Asian Culture & Arts and Eastern philosophy, In addition, to build a network within the European market. By curating special exhibitions, forums, seminars, art performances and inter-media projects, NON Berlin aims for these activities to lead to further research and discussions.

NON Berlin wants to create a system in which artists can easily connect with each other. By organizing various programs and projects, NON Berlin tries to broaden the boundaries which will provide the artists the opportunity to meet diverse companions and network with each other.

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