Amstel Art

London, United Kingdom


  • Unit 7 St.George Wharf
  • 8, Wandsworth Road
  • London SW8 2LE
  • United Kingdom

Opening times

Opening times:
Monday to Friday from 11.00am to 3.00pm. & from 5.00pm. to 9.30pm.
Saturday from 5.00pm. To 9.30pm.
Sunday by appointment only.

Travel Information

Tube / Metro: Tube station: Vauxhall exit n.6
Bus: In front of the Vauxhall Bus Station
Train: In front of the Vauxhall train station


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The Amstel Art Gallery was started in 2008 by Leandro Amstel Grasso, an Italian art collector, sales manager and video reporter. Amstel Art works with the best Italian & international pop artists such as Marco Lodola, Andy Warhol, Willow, Roy Lichtenstein, Giuliano Grittini and Fabrizio Bellanca. Now the Amstel Art Gallery also officially manages the General Archive of the renowned contemporary 'neo-futuristic' Italian light sculptor: Marco Lodola.

Leandro Amstel was born in Naples, Italy and he opened his first gallery, the Amstel Gallery, in Milan in 2008. After a great success in his country in 2011 he decided to export this positive philosophy in a contemporary and vibrant European city, where the art scene is a cutting edge: London. The gallery is now located in the prestigious Zone one of London, in the St. George Wharf complex in Vauxhall, exhibiting a modern and sleek aesthetic that is so well paired with it's vibrant and colorful work- from light installations to the timeless pieces of Andy Warhol- all in the heart of the new London's cultural and economical hub. Amstel Art Gallery is the first art gallery in Vauxhall, which later this year will receive its second art gallery, the personal art collection of Damien Hirst. A theme almost self-explanatory in the sense that 'neo-futurism'- a theme highly exhibited at Amstel Art is a trait of the gallery itself in establishing itself in such a prominent area of London before the artistic hype that is soon to come.
London is considered an art capital of not only Europe, but also the world- having numerous world known museums such as the Tate Modern and the National Gallery, and in more previous years, an up rise in galleries, mainly contemporary art galleries. London has been expanding its limits of the contemporary and modern art world, and Amstel Art is a shining example of that. Amstel Art Gallery showcases the best paintings, sculptures, photography and issue-based exhibitions; contrasting London's old, historic background with vibrant and modern designs of the contemporary and pop art world and attracting diverse and international audiences from all ages and walks of life.