Aidas Gallery

Vilnius, Lithuania


  • A. Jaksto str. 9
  • Vilnius
  • Vilniaus apskritis
  • 01105
  • Lithuania

Opening times

From Tuesday to Friday - from 12 AM to 6 PM,
Saturdays - from 12 AM to 4 PM


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Having enumerated the tasks accomplished during twenty years of gallery's existence, one could define the history of the “Aidas” Gallery as a sequence of art exhibitions, art projects, publications, etc. Whereas, considering the other way the results attained, one could define the history of the Gallery, first of all, as commitment to national art virtues, as the process of conveying new talents and – what is none the less important - as extending of new international horizons.

The Gallery started its activity with opening of the exhibition of the so-called “Group 24” – a group of artists who are at present among the most outstanding. The Gallery cooperated with that group also later. Nevertheless, every year the gallery introduces to the audience a new talent. Seeking to put a new face on the creative personality of well-known artists, the Gallery organizes untraditional – or double – shows where an artist is represented with one’s earliest and the latest works. We always try not to miss the chance of introducing Lithuanian art in foreign countries. That’s why, we actively contribute to arranging international exhibitions and projects like “Lithuania in Europe”, “World Artists for Tibet”, etc.