3331 arts chyoda

Tokyo, Japan


  • Sotokanda Chiyoda-Ku
  • Tokyo
  • Tokyo
  • 101-0021
  • Japan


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Based in the renovated Rensei Junior High School 3331 Arts Chiyoda creates a space in which leading artists and creatives have the freedom to present their diverse expressions. 3331 brings together cutting edge art with the familiar everyday.

The first floor gallery presents an exciting range of exhibitions highlighting 3331’s unique vision of the art scene. 3331 aims to break the barrier of inaccessibility often associated with art museums and instead create an art space which everyone can enter at ease, including a wide range of spaces which visitors can enjoy for free. While walking throughout the arts centre you can sense the creative energy which makes up 3331 through the diverse range of artists and creative practitioners based here.

3331 is an active space hosting a wide range of events and exhibitions and transmitting a new form expression not only as a hub for Tokyo, but also acting as a hub which links Japan’s various regions and that of wider Asia, with the objective of forming an international base for a new kind of art.

The origin of 3331

The name "3331"is the traditional Edo Ippon Tejimehandclap translated into numbers.
Traditionally used when people want to share their happiness an dencourage each other, the Edo Ippon Tejime is one of the old yet immaterialtraditions inherited from the Edo period. When a leading voice says "Iyo'o!"(supposedly a contraction of「祝おう」iwaou:let’ s celebrate), 3 sets of 3handclaps answer "da-da-da da-da-da da-da-da", adding to become 9,which stands for stress or labor (as「苦」ku:the pain, has a pronunciation similar to「九」kyu, ku:9 ). Then a final single handclap "da" comes to expel all that stress (as a single stroke added to the kanj「九」transforms it into「丸」maru:the achievement). Taken as a symbol of the Edo Ippon Tej ime,"3331" visually evokes an images of rhythm as well as distilling a sense of people’s gratitude and positive feelings.
1.Ote wo haishaku:lit.Borrowing[your]hands
2.Iyo'o clap clap clap,clap clap clap,clap clap clap,clap
3.Arigato gozaimashita:thankyou Everyones applause