OPENING pilote Group Show | The horizon looks different from afar.

7 Mar 2019 – 10 Mar 2019

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Kunstquartier Bethanien

Berlin, Germany


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Pilote is pleased to present an extensive group exhibition at Kunstquartier Bethanien's Studio 1 with works by BETTY BÖHM, SELKET CHLUPKA, KATHRIN GANSER, CARLA MERCEDES HIHN, KATJA PUDOR, SARAH STRASSMANN, ATTILIO TONO, VALENTINA TORRADO w/ HÉCTOR SOLARI (guest artist).


The Berlin artist’s union pilote presents in the exhibition "The horizon looks different from afar.“ latest works by its eight contemporary artists. After several smaller group exhibitions at Berlin's various art spaces, at Kunstquartier Bethanien will  be shown an extensive presentation of all of pilote’s positions again.

All works reflect the discussion with socially highly relevant questions, which deal with the omnipresent topic of a border and the different perceptions correlating with its terminus: What is a border, which connotations go hand in hand with its manifold use and contemplation? And how is their symbolism understood and represented in the collective imaginary in the various socio-cultural spheres? The aim of the exhibition is to approach this very complex topic artistically. The result are reflections of the artists, which are primarily based on personal experiences and individual considerations. It is not about anticipation or answering the above mentioned questions.

Pilote reacts to current socio-political developments and offers approaches at the artistic level that draw attention, stimulate reflection and perhaps encourage the willingness to examine one's own feelings and open up possible debates. To this end, the exhibiting artists filter out differentiated dimensions of the theme that are particularly relevant to them against their respective artistic backgrounds and finally express their own assumptions in photography, film, graphics, painting, performance, installation and sculpture, in some cases also multidisciplinarily.

With the title "The horizon looks different from afar." pilote refers to subjective perceptions, which bring with them limits of every kind, and their diverse effects. Thus the word "horizon" is already generally associated with a "(apparent) line of demarcation between heaven and earth". This boundary line, which is assumed to be natural and yet conceived, possibly illustrates a human need to delimit spaces - visually and/or intellectually. In this notion it remains open how the so-called horizon looks real or what is behind it.

Following the definition of border as a physical or symbolic dividing line between two parties or territories, it is already clear that the separation created by borders can also lead to conflicts between the parties, which can endanger the balance of a community or society.

A discourse about borders inevitably leads to the distinction between an "inside", known, and an "outside", which stands for the unknown or the foreign. A boundary and every individual perception of it depends above all on its transgression, for only the experience of the "other" can confirm one's own identity. From this point of view, borders not only separate, but also connect.

The exhibition "The horizon looks different from afar." reacts to the current debates about what unites and what is common in our society threatened by division. Therefore, it is also questioned whether borders can be a dividing line and a point of contact at the same time. Borders create neighbourhoods and proximity, they dynamically change our history - culturally and geographically. They promote and strengthen diversity. In the diverse artistic works shown, examples of various microcontexts from current events are taken up. The artists* reflect intensively on social, political, cultural and philosophical dimensions of division and its consequences.

Inspired by these assumptions, the exhibition in the architecturally impressive rooms of Studio 1 in the Kunstquartier Bethanien will finally display multiple "horizons" in the philosophical sense and thus developed artistic approaches to the subject matter.  In some works, a pictorial representation of the of "dissolution of boundaries" supports the antithesis that although borders and their effects are predominantly negatively linked in thought, their dissolution and abolition can eventually lead to new connections and create commonalities. Apparent contradictions between the ongoing "delimitation" of digital space and the real delimitation of space by geographical and political boundaries are discussed and presented.

To understand borders, on the other hand, as a protected space and thus to attribute them a clearly positive quality does not seem to be obvious any more in this day and age. But borders also serve various communities in our society to maintain personal integrity and offer them (living) space. However, it is also important to take a closer look here: to recognise and identify the problems of exploitation and exclusion of those in need of protection living in demarcated areas, such as reserves. Other works in the exhibition are devoted to the critical examination of assigned shelters.

We are pleased about your interest and welcome you very cordially to the exhibition opening!

Opening: Thursday, 7 MARCH 2019, 7-10 pm

Exhibition: 08.03. - 10.03.2019

Accompanying program:
Sat, 9 MARCH 2019, 4 pm | Live Performance by Katja Pudor
Sun, 10 MARCH 2019, 3 pm | Meet the artists! Artist talks



Monique Wysterski

Exhibiting artists

Katja Pudor

Héctor Solari

Selket Chlupka

Kathrin Ganser

Carla Mercedes Hihn

Betty Böhm

Sarah Strassmann

Valentina Torrado

Attilio Tono


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