1 May 2021 – 7 May 2021

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Collective exhibition "Balancing", A60 Contemporary Art Space


A60 International Art is committed to the promotion of contemporary art and academic research about contemporary art. The exhibition "BALANCING" is held by the young curator Hong Yuan, who is master student at École Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Bourges, France. The exhibition planning by the curator and A60 international art academic team. The exhibition through open call, selection of artists and works, and multiple discussions between the curator and critics, ultimately, we determined 15 contemporary artists with international status backgrounds to participate in this exhibition. The artists: Angelo D’Amato, Antonio Picardi, Lee Kuan-Lian, Li Jian, Li Xizi, Lin Fangsuo, Lu Shiyin, Luca Impinto, Luo Lang, Rosario Mazzeo, Wang Jiacheng, Wang Zhuoran, Wu Zhaoyi, Xing Liye, and Zheng Bing. We have invested a lot of time in the screening of works in the early stage of the exhibition. We have received emails from individual artists and groups from different countries and regions around the world. In the finalized exhibition works, the curatorial team hopes to present the diversity of works as much as possible. A unique expression different from the artist’s creative language. Therefore, the categories of works in this exhibition involve painting, installation, photography, electronic art, multimedia art, interactive art and other artistic expressions in the contemporary art language environment.

The exhibition "BALANCING" was initiated by the curator Hong Yuan. Faced with the stories about we have experienced and are facing from 2020 to 2021, the curator quoted the artist Céleste Boursier - Mougenot of the French Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale. In this process, it is not only the curator Hong Yuan’s reflection on the current environment "art" and "we", but also the relationship between the artist and the art audience, it is a kind of silent dialogue. With the development of the epidemic, we seem to miss what we once possessed and cherish everything in front of us. When human beings are the masters of the earth, we should accept all gifts from nature; when the epidemic comes, we begin to isolate each other, creating a distance from both humans and nature, we see that other animals and the ecological environment on the earth show a better state of freedom and vitality on the contrary. "Balance" has always been the state we seek and desire to achieve. Chinese sages have used the word "Yin and Yang" to express the unity of opposites and opposites between all things, which is the so-called "All things bear yin and embrace yang" in Lao Tzu. The so- called "One Yin and One Yang is Tao" and other Chinese philosophical thoughts in The Book of Changes. The "BALANCING", on the one hand, we propose the essence of "balance", and on the other hand, we hope to see the extension of this theme, and artists will convey to the audience the balance relationship under the language of artistic philosophy.

Artistic language is a way of communication between the world, people, nature, society, and culture. The sound of artistic language is accompanied by the artist's mapping of his own environment and experience. No matter what time we are in, what kind of social and cultural background, artistic language will serve as a witness in the process of human development. As the works presented in this exhibition are the curator, critics, and 15 international artists’ testimony of "being" and "re-being" in 2021, including our memories of yesterday , today, and the vision of tomorrow.


Hong Yuan

Pengpeng Wang

Pengpeng Wang

Emanuele Gregolin

Exhibiting artistsToggle

Wu Zhaoyi

Lin Fangsuo

Li Xizi

Angelo D’Amato

Wang Zhuoran

Luca Impinto

Lee Kuan-Lian

Wang Jiacheng

Antonio Picardi

Rosario Mazzeo

Luo Lang

Zheng Bing

Li Jian

Xing Liye

Lu Shiyin


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