Artist in Residence

Only Losers Left Alive - Free Independent Choreography School


Only Losers Left Alive invites artists, performers, dancers, doubters, loners and losers across the East Midlands to take part in a free and independent choreography school.
Taking place across six Sunday sessions from March to August 2020, the collective will work together to think through movement, embodiment, gesture, space, friction, possibility and pleasure; and culminate in a weekend of public events, performances and discussions that Autumn.
This independent project is organised in response to a surge of interest in dance and performance among artists and organisations throughout the East Midlands. The school is a space to bring together some of that curiosity, share practice and networks, and support individual and collective research for future work across the region.

Deadline 20 January 2020

Channing Tatum - Artistic Collaboration
Twitter: @paul_paschal/@rohanneudall
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