Adrian Hemming: Travels with an Artist•••••

1. Mar - 24. Mar 12 / ended Vyner Street Gallery

Exhibition | Painting | London

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Adrian Hemming's landscapes have grown in cultural significance since he was twice shortlisted for the National Gallery's "Artist in Residence". Geography and art have a long historical association; human relationships to nature and the understanding of the mechanisms which enable this, have been handfast with art's narrative and it's these influences which are growing in an age of displacement and detachment.

Hemming's new collection of work draws from his experiences in, and travels to, both the exotic and the ordinary, such as the Yucatan jungle, Australian rainforest and the Channel Islands. His sensitive awareness of human and physical landscape and the colour that permeates his paintings, creates a body of work that reminds us how we should understand and define a place and that each encounter with a landscape, people and culture, is part of a greater journey.

Conversations with the late Professor Denis Cosgrove (Humboldt Chair of Geography, UCLA) have inspired his art to take its present direction. Issues concerning the fabric of landscape, including cultural and historical values which influence human understanding of nature and landscape, ideas explored and often understood through Quantum Theory and Plate Tectonics, stimulate his work.

Born in Leicester 1945, Adrian started his working life as an engineer. Changing direction completely, but still maintaining an interest in the science of nature, he gained a BA in fine art at Brighton Polytechnic before studying at Goldsmiths College, London University, completing his MA there in 1982.

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