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18.09.14 - 30.09.14 Exhibition ends in 12 days

About Brick Lane

Espacio Gallery, London, United Kingdom   

The Einstein-Rosen Bridge, Limewood & Ash Veneer, 220 x 125 x 110 cm
18.09.14 - 28.09.14 Exhibition ends in 10 days

Sculpture and Stars

Gardens Gallery, Cheltenham, United Kingdom   

18.09.14 - 25.09.14 Exhibition ends in 7 days

Arst4Giving Aspire 2014

Avantgarde Gallery, London, United Kingdom   

18.09.14 - 24.09.14 Exhibition ends in 6 days


LONDON WESTBANK, London, United Kingdom   

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The Collaborator’s Exhibition
Exchange, United Kingdom
17.09.14 12:31 by Kathynewlyn


The Collaborator’s Exhibition
Exchange, United Kingdom
17.09.14 12:29 by Kathynewlyn


London Alternative Photography Collective Birthday Exhibition
Doomed Gallery, United Kingdom
16.09.14 18:09 by Ken at Doomed


Fragments that tell us a story of war through time
Rose Frain: This Time in History, What Escapes
Victoria and Albert Museum, United Kingdom
30.08.14 14:06 by Shanna C


Colour me beautiful
Primrose: Early Colour Photography in Russia
The Photographers' Gallery, United Kingdom
06.08.14 0:51 by

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