The Stream Will Soon Renew Its Smoothness


Friday 26 October - Sunday 25 November 2012
Private View: Friday 26 October 6.30 - 9.30pm

Hardy Tree Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of works by Jeremy Akerman. The Stream Will Soon Renew Its Smoothness is Akerman's most recent body of work and first UK solo show since 2009. It is his first exclusively photographic based exhibition.

The photographic surface is 'perfect'; it is the same from edge to edge. Akerman's idea is to change this, to interfere with this surface and introduce another dimension. He takes photos of subjects he knows well then works on the physical print to change it by cutting the glassy plane with a knife, 'finding something that is there but not seen yet'. This process is exploratory, step by step, similar to the way a drawing builds, which leads to a point of surprise and revelation. Akerman describes this point as 'a physical place' where the picture is seen with direct eyes, neither confirming nor rejecting expectations. The title of the exhibition is taken from Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem 'The Picture' (also called The Lover's Resolution), in which the clear moment is seen in bright reflection. Representation is everyday, but the moment of reflection is special.