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29. Sep - 26. Nov 06 / ended Camden Arts Centre

Exhibition | Painting | London

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Laura Owens, Untitled, 2002  the artist, collection David Teiger, courtesy Gavin Brown

Laura Owens, Untitled, 2002 the artist, collection David Teiger, courtesy Gavin Brown

Laura Owens is the most famous amongst a generation of young artists who re-invigorated painting in the 1990s.

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Beth  Greenacre 

Laura Owens at Camden Arts Centre

by Beth Greenacre 30.09.06 15:36

Laura Owens first solo exhibition in a UK public venue opened this week; the LA artist brings a lot of joy with her to Camden. Owens paintings are a pleasure in her celebration of painting, its history, processes and language. Famous for reinvigorating painting in the 1990s, her solo show features work from the last ten years including preparatory studies on canvas.

The familiar and fantastical sit happily side by side whilst opposing styles and techniques are comfortable next to each other in the same painting. Each world which she creates is not restricted by being located within a specific time or context rather characters from arts history share the picture with American Folk art heroes and styles and techniques borrowed from a different period of arts history, from Chinese ink paintings to the line of Toulouse Lautrec.

The coexistence of styles and techniques is seamless within the picture and the exhibition, she paints with such dexterity that a thin wash sits happily next to a collaged piece of felt, raw daub of paint and a thin black line of paint squeezed straight from a tube. With such confidence does she compose her paintings that night and day co-exist, a stream runs into the horizon and a monkey lifted from a Chinese scroll invites a rabbit to join it in its tree.

Owens delights in paintings potential and it is obvious that she enjoys the medium to no end, this joy in possibilities and seemingly effortless style provides us with confidence of paintings position now and in the future.

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If you go down to the woods today...

by steppenwolf 05.10.06 15:12

What a great show. I am really glad to see Laura Owens exhibiting in a venue like the Camden arts centre. She pertains a definite mastery of her medium and imagery.

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A Joy

by culturalchernobyl 23.11.06 14:30

Good to see an exhibition of work by an artist that thoroughly enjoys making great paintings. Well worth the trip.

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