Wahre Lügen / True Lies - Claus Feldmann & Joachim Seinfeld 

15. May - 12. Jul 14 / ended Egbert Baqué Contemporary Art

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Wahre Lügen / True Lies


Claus Feldmann – Schiffsmeldungen

Joachim Seinfeld – Wenn Deutsche lustig sind (Photography)

15. May – 12.July 2014

In our era of Photoshop we can't be sure anymore if a photo captured a true moment of our lives and made reality visible. New techniques enable a lot more than sophisticated retouching.

In our exhibition Wahre Lügen – True Lies we present works by two artists who create their own reality, each one in their own vision.

The German novelist Monika Zeiner wrote about Claus Feldmann's works: "If David Lynch, Edward Hopper and Caspar David Friedrich designed a film together, I would imagine this film like a series of Feldmann's images. You want to stand in front of these pictures infinitely, because unfortunately you can't enter the scene."

Feldmann's images which look like film stills admittedly show man made sceneries, but no one is ever to be seen. The black-and-white works of Joachim Seinfeld are the complete opposite: The artist places himself disguised (most often repeatedly) into documentary photos of German history, thus creating a tongue-in-cheek self-portrait within a historical context. The viewer's confusion due to this docu-fiction is intended.


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