Pelican haus - Closing Down Sale 

13. Jun - 21. Jun 14 / ended Narrative Gallery

10 am - 6 pm

Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary |

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On whenever date Carlos arranged the date with Daria, artists from the anonymous 'Pelican Haus' collective will debut Biennialware, a new clothing and lifestyle merchandise line of market criticality in a 4-day only pop-up store and exhibition, "Closing Down Sale" designed by the artists on the way to net narratives gallery London. Pelican Haus Biennialware products consist of everything one needs to "chill" in bed all day and skype amazing curators or critically aware art g8keepers in Post-Fordist Marxist observational lifestyle chats of lapdog tone: sweat pants, sweat shirts, bed sheets, pillow covers, iPad and iPhone covers, fashion magazines, and music, whatever - or whatever mindlessly upcycled crap we buy from Peckham Charity shops done in the critical style en-route etc.

Street Cred:

"Closing Down Sale" will feature the first line of Pelican Haus biennialeware, produced in partnership with the global music merchandising company ICA. "Closing Down Sale" is Pelican Haus's exhibition featuring new work in the U.K. since their (sellout) warehaus exhibition in Peckham in April.

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