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18. May - 1. Jun 14 / ended Southwark Studios

Gallery Opening times: Wed - Fri 11 am - 6 pm, Sat - Sun 2 pm - 5.30 pm

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Melted Pollock 3, Acrylic and glue on polystyrene

Melted Pollock 3, Acrylic and glue on polystyrene

Melted Moon is Hitomi Kammai's first solo show following her sucessful participation at this years Other Art Fair

Hatched Gallery is pleased to present Melted Moon, from the award winning artist Hitomi Kammai. Taking influence from Pollock’s drip-style, the ‘crater’ paintings are a poetical examination of humanities capacity to be both a creative and destructive force.

“Hitomi Kammai explores our artificial universe, and discovers poetry in humanity”

This exhibition beautifully combines Kammai’s innovative work with fascinating aspects of her life and process. The impact of Nuclear power and the relationship that the Japanese have with it, underlines the conceptual force of this collection. The crater like surfaces reminiscent of the moon, mutually reflect the shifting erosion of time and humanities strive for progress with both creative and destructive consequences. The artist purposely chooses her colour's to embody physical surroundings, such as flesh being yellow, exposed flesh being pink, and black the invisible environmental pollutants, alongside representations of undetectable emotional implications. The painting process becomes a demonstration of the energetic results arising from the interwoven forces of creation and destruction, the marks of imperfections given way to something altogether new, beautiful and forgiving in an optimistic renewal of creativity.

Melted Moon: Preview Opening Event: Sun 18th May 2 pm - 6 pm 2014, including live performance of 'Rain' at 4 pm, PUBLIC WELCOME

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Hatched Gallery 

SLAM Last Friday

by Hatched Gallery 28.05.14 15:02

We are participating in South London Art Map's Last Friday. Come see the Melted Moon exhibition before it ends. The curator will talk about the artist and her work at 7:30 pm. Don't miss the chance to view the exhibition including the video of the opening night's live performance.

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