8. Mar - 26. Apr 14 / ended Oriel Gallery


Mon-Sat: 10am-10pm

Exhibition | Painting | Wales

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A large solo exhibition of work by Ivor Davies as part of the Celtic Festival here at the theatre. A native of Penarth, Ivor Davies studied at Cardiff, Swansea, Lausanne and also Edinburgh (PhD on the Russian avant-garde) - where he also lectured.

He helped organize the Destruction in Art Symposium (London, 1966).

He is now President of the Royal Cambrian Academy.

With over sixty one-man exhibitions since 1960 he also participated in ‘Beca’, a radical Welsh movement (1970s and 80s); a blockbuster on 20th. C. British
avant-garde, at Wolfsburg (2002) and Toulouse (2003); 'This was Tomorrow' at Tate Britain (2004), touring Sydney and Auckland, and, 'Art Under Attack',
Tate Britain (2013).

A prestigious award has been won for a PhD to be written on Davies' work and archive towards an exhibition at the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff in 2015, touring London and Germany

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