21. Feb - 2. Mar 14 / ended Ovada



Exhibition | New Media | South East

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Five members of MadeScapes^ have set aside their similarities to work on a new project with OVADA.

RELAY sees each artist create a brand new work before handing on the next in line, who will then respond to that work, either by addition, removal, or alteration, before passing it on again. This round-robin method of making continues until all five pieces have been through the hands of all five artists.

Having been created, modified, or re-imagined by each member of the collaborative, the final five pieces are then incorporated into RELAY – MadeScapes^ newest exploration into the world of new media, the internet, and the post-human experience.

The work in RELAY will reflect the interests of the members of MadeScapes^: each piece will have made a journey through the physical and digital realms, influenced by each member’s unique approach to making work.

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