"...OR STUFFED...", sculptural work of Zarina Kostelman•••••

1. Feb - 2. Feb 14 / ended Green Lens Studios


10 am-10pm

Exhibition | Sculpture | London

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Pijamas solved in a square. 2013

Pijamas solved in a square. 2013

"...OR STUFFED..." work by Zarina Kostelman

Green Lens Studio invites you to an art exhibition of sculptural work of London based artist Zarina Kostelman. A collection of unique art work produced over last year and now available to view on Saturday and Sunday 1st and 2nd February in our photographic studio, from 10am-10pm.
“ Most recently Zarina was working with found and recycled material, wood and everyday objects to produce various assemblages and structures. Her low-tech style of making is in sync with London’s courage and urban living.
She explores freedom and possibilities, trying to achieve a perfect balance between objects and spaces, by completely abandoning their initiate purpose. This show is called “...orStuffed...” as a thought to reach your imagination, promote re-purposing, being full of ideas.
When looking at Zarina’s work its important to see it as a whole, make sense of them as if it was a painting or a written story to explore.”


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"...or stuffed..."

by simonhead 02.02.14 16:17

some sensitive pieces here...

poetic at times... honest throughout...

thank you Zarina...

Best wishes... Simon

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