Unnatural Causes exhibition by Clair Chinnery 

22. Jan - 9. Feb 14 / ended O3 Gallery


Tue-Fri 12-5pm, Sat & Sun 11am-4pm

Exhibition | Drawing | Midlands

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Clair Chinnery’s work stems from an interest in the roles that institutions have to play in our existences and experiences. Themes such as ‘the gendered experience’, ‘memory’, ‘cultural identity’ and ‘belief systems’ permeate her entire practice, she explores these themes through the careful construction and juxtaposition of objects and images within defined spaces. Her recent projects have focused on issues of language/communication, cultural and natural migration and globalisation. Amongst other things, these works retrospectively re-interpret the writings and images produced as a direct result of European exploration of the New World. Through the use of biological data and historic documents, the artist explores issues such as the ecological marking of geographical boundaries, and of ‘loss’ in relation to imperialist expansions into the New World.

For her exhibition at the O3 Gallery, Chinnery will be showing - for the first time - the original completed 81 drawings that form part of her ongoing project - The Feral Memorial.

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