academy noW 2012••••

13. Jan - 20. Jan 13 / ended Hanmi Gallery

12noon 6pm

Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | London

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hirofumi isoya, once night falls

hirofumi isoya, once night falls

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academy noW is an independent yearly survey of recent graduates from the UK and Europe. What differentiates academy now from the existing mentoring exhibitions and awards, is that, by selecting artists from the UK and other European art colleges, it activates stimulating dialogues between the art capitals. academy now provides its artists with an international platform where all committee members have developed their careers beyond the UK and Europe, thus being able to offer artists the opportunity to establish and develop relationships on a much broader scale.

At the end of the exhibition an artist is nominated by the committee members and awarded with the Damiani prize.

academy noW is led by voluntary Members:

Laura Petrillo, IKT independent curator, art advisor and lecturer, London-Bologna

Committee Members:
David Bate, photographer and writer, London
Ruth Dupre’, artist and lecturer, London
Silvia Evangelisti, Bologna Art Fair’s artistic director and professor of Art Theory, University of Bologna
MaƂgorzata Ludwisiak, Deputy director of the Muzeum Sztuki, curator and writer, Lodz
Ian Rosenfeld, gallery founder and curator, Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery, London
Margherita Sprio, writer and senior lecturer of Film Theory at Westminster University, London

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Extraordinary Venue and Exellent site specific works

by Laura Petrill 15.01.13 14:15

Video, painting, photography, installation perfectly balanced and displayed in 4 floors of a non-white cube space, an exhibition which includes works of the quality one normally expects to find in the best Biennials around the world. academy now 2012 is a not to be missed show

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Amazing. Show

by Rosco 17.01.13 0:44

2013 started in with style. It has been a great event, good food for my brain.

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wicked location

by Eli Cantarelli 18.01.13 18:18

Academy now 2012, a really good start of a project that gives a great visibility to work of talented emerging artist.
Love the gallery, hope is gonna stay like that: marvelously undone!

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Amazing Show

by zula 18.01.13 19:41

It is an amazing show worth seeing.
Go before it's over on sunday!

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great work

by VeroniqueR 18.01.13 19:42

Academy noW is a fantastic initiative to support and promote talented emerging artists.
Great idea. Great work. Well done.

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by Stefi 19.01.13 9:42

Academy now is a very interesting event. Quality works, beautiful location. A great opportunity for good artists!

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Really exciting

by Artefact 19.01.13 11:44

Really exciting! Look forward to future shows!

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Excellent work

by Juliette Desfeux 19.01.13 17:38

The presentation of the show is very nice and makes it want to be seen: selected artists are very talented and gifted.

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Academy NOw

by marian alonso 20.01.13 3:20

Excellent proyect !!! Interesting artworks!

Congratulations to the artist and founder!!!

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by serafina 20.01.13 13:39

truly inspiring initiative, wonderful work, mesmerizing venue. hope to see more ... congratulations!

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by rp20 20.01.13 17:06

a stimulating exhibition with works of real quality. t he space is suggestive and adds to the fascination of the event. moreover the artists shown covr many of the spectrums seen in contemporary art. refreshingly however all the atists are serious and there is an absence of gloss, trendiness and fashion. the absolute standout is the video by a young turkish artist which contains remarkable humour and observation accompanied by great technical maturity

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Academy Now

by eleopi79 20.01.13 18:27

Academy Now is a very great art project!
Amazing selection of artworks
Waiting to see The book published by Damiani!

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