9. May - 9. May 14 / ended The Anatomy Museum


Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | London

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Six artists present their work and interview each other live over four hours

Come for ten minutes, or stay for all four hours, the artists and I would love for you to join us for a fun evening of art and discussion.

SHOW, BUT ALSO TELL, is an exhibition curated by Bridie Hindle, as part of The Gallery, a project by Wang Xin showing in London for Chinese Visual Festival. Artists Kyle Kirkpatrick, Jessica Wilson, Leah Clements, Luke Nairn, Owen Lacey and Michelle Lewis King show a range of artworks and interview each other live over the 4 hours of the exhibition timeframe. The catalogue will also be placed in the exhibition space for visitors to browse as they view the artworks and hear the artists speak.

SHOW, BUT ALSO TELL is an event that experiments with fusing together an exhibition of contemporary art with the materials that are often considered as supplementary to it. To make plain that an artwork is not a physical demonstration of an artist’s ideas, this ephemeral project makes an argument for promoting the discussions, writings and teachings that arise from an artwork and that can stimulate an audience’s reception of the artworks on display.

In the words of pioneering curator Johannes Cladders, a mediating institution should instigate a process that “transforms a work into a work of art” in that the mediator assembles the artwork for public consumption. SHOW, BUT ALSO TELL offers an alternative to the white cube method of passively displaying artworks in an attempt to explore how the curator or institution might support audiences to engage with artworks beyond aesthetic and affective responses. At the same time, it enables academics to study paratextual materials, such as the interview and the catalogue, in situ alongside their physical and live counterparts.

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