Capsule | Kristina Pulejkova 

28. Mar - 28. Mar 14 / ended Brunel Museum

free entry

19:30 - 22:00

Event | Installation | London

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Capsule, film still

Capsule, film still

Capsule | Kristina Pulejkova

'Capsule' will take place in the highly befitting setting of the Thames Tunnel Shaft - a huge, cylindrical chamber 50ft underground deep beneath the Brunel Museum in Rotherhithe, London.
This exhibition is brought to you by Kristina Pulejkova, a London- based Macedonian multimedia artist whose works engage with science. In her art pieces, Pulejkova builds a subjective narrative taken from principles and data from science fields such as astronomy, physics, geography and ecology. Her main subjects of interest are time, temporality, ecosystems and mechanisms, engaged in perpetual search for connections between man and machine, the organic and mechanical.
Such unique insight, combined with the decidedly original location of Brunel’s Thames Tunnel Shaft, create the “Capsule”, an interactive installation where viewers are invited to explore the space through a time perception altering experience. Deep underground, enclosed in a cylindrical chamber, Pulejkova creates an immersive space where the Thames Tunnel Shaft is regarded as a “timeless capsule” that projects different time scales while breaking the linear narrative. Past, present and future become a chaotic flat plane where distant stories of space and time mix with personal time perception narratives of artists and scientists. This temporal polyphony is enhanced with soundscapes from the plasma oscillations from the JET fusion reactor and stellar sonifications from NASA’s Kepler Project.
Experience your own interpretation of time and space free of charge at this innovative exhibition by an emerging young artist, and the very first of its kind in the uncanny atmosphere of the Brunel Museum Thames Tunnel Shaft.

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