The Voice of Dreams 

9. Feb - 9. Feb 14 / ended Hundred Years Gallery

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from 3.30

Screening | Multi-disciplinary | London

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Film by Simona Bonomo.

Hundred Years Gallery is pleased to present a film by artist and activist Simona Bonomo and a solo performance by Baby (AKA composer/improviser Will Miles)

The Voice of Dreams tells the intertwined story of a group of young Tunisians from different social backgrounds: Mohammed decided to emigrate to Europe. His dreams, once big, were shattered and he has returned, tragedy marking his eyes. He describes the experience with a bitter smile. Nadia would like to travel, but only as a tourist. Her biggest dream is to find a job in her own country so that she can live a dignified life without having to take the risk of travelling abroad. Ahmed is fed up of spending his days selling vegetables for only a few pennies, and dreams of finding a foreign woman to change his life. These are dreams of the breakdown of borders and the end of visas, dreams that mean that no-one else would have to risk their life in pursuit of their dream.
The documentary presents the hopes and disillusionment that are widespread in Tunisia today after the revolution, and the yearning not to be limited by unjust and meaningless borders left behind after the colonialist years. In fact, despite attempts to create an impregnable “fortress of Europe” and to deny freedom of movement, people will still find a way to “break down” borders and rid-themselves of imposed cages. Furthermore, often the desire to leave and travel is teamed with a will to return home to Tunisia and work to improve their country.

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