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30. Jan - 28. Feb 14 / ended Surface Gallery


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4 in 1_E, Jane Dillon, 2013, 50 x 50cm

4 in 1_E, Jane Dillon, 2013, 50 x 50cm


Jane Dillon has drawn from a long career in furniture design to produce a reflective and exploratory set of abstract screenprints comprising four coloured ovaloid figures variously arranged on vivid colour fields. She says of this work,

“When I decided to make these screenprints it was because I wanted to create a series of images using different coloured shapes contained within the restrictions of a square that could be rotated equally to influence and change with every turn. Inspired by the research of Josef Albers, into chromatic relations within fixed squares, I wanted to follow all the possible variants of implied volume and movement using colour, shape and scale within a rotated square or cube.

After more than 40 years in design, I find myself returning to my key early interests concerning the sculpting of space through colour and shape, only this time without any prescribed commercial outcome.”

With each of the prints set within a square, Dillon has then rotated some of them, to create new associations and tensions between them, bringing into play the suggested between space of the gallery walls.

Quoting Joseph Albers,
“The constellation (placement above or below, left or right, etc.) as well as the boundaries (firm or loose contact, separation) change the appearance of colors.”

In contrast to digital means, the hand drawn forms evoke a painterly effect in the prints, which have been expertly printed by Jonathan Comerford of Pellafort Press Print Studio.
The images are intended to appeal to us on a direct level, evoking the quote from Anni Albers;

"Layer after layer of civilized life seems to have veiled our directness of seeing. We often look for an underlying meaning of things while the thing itself is the meaning.”

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