DRAW BURLESQUE! and be PROUD of what you can Achieve! 

2. Feb - 2. Feb 14 / ended Proud Camden


From 2 to 5pm

Workshop | Drawing | London

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This is the place to be, every other Sunday afternoons, for all the creatives in London who want maximum Fun, comfort and most exhilarating creative experience with Friends and Family (with Live Jazz + Sunday Roast) .

The beginners will receive a link to a page written for them on the Life Drawing Society UK website so they can progress every time and get a printout on the day so they can really be proud of their work every time.

This is the place to begin an Artistic carrier in Parallel to your regular Life, see your work every time and see your regular life improve in the week. One day you might become one of our exhibiting Artists , I'll try to help.

Not only you will Draw Burlesque and its Magic but all the Burlesque Icon performers of the 21st century. You might even want to do more Burlesque/Retro Activities from B&W Photography, Pinhole Photography, Retro Costume making etc. I'll tell you more about it...

This class was the first Burlesque Drawing class in London, more than 10 years ago and has been happening nicely every week with great success. We have now found the Perfect "Burlesque Space" in an incredibly successful venue that hosts Shows and Parties every Nights/weekends. Be ready to feel intimidated when you enter this Arena...

This event brings Friends together who feel Burlesque/ humorous, Creative, British and happy to share the creative energy with travelling Artists from all over for even grander experience.

If you'd like to be good to yourself but also to your Friends, Family, co-workers and enjoy being able to have a Life & carrier and still be creative. Give them a call now, email them or send them to our Facebook event at https://www.facebook.com/events/1455685731321073

As I run ans sometime teach at Public, Private (Hen) and Office Classes for a few years now I'll be happy to help anyone with their Art or queries. All the necessary equipment for the class is provided and paper charged at 20p a sheet, so you only need to bring friends.

The session cost Less than our Saturday Effective Life Drawing Class in Bethnal green and might make your week better, it usually does...

Our Performer and Burlesque Icon this time will be "ELSIE DIAMOND" with her favourite Act...
Please buy a drink at the bar on arrival or at the break.

Have a LIFE, MAKE FRIENDS, have a better CARRIER and BE PROUD of what you can achieve when Happy, rested and relax with us...

Tony 07951613705

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