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Mothers, 2014

Mothers, 2014


Heather and Ivan Morison have established an ambitious collaborative practice over the past decade that transcends the divisions between art, architecture and theatre.

Their work has always been preoccupied with how we navigate catastrophe and the essential violence of change, and more recent works have moved from a wider social view to focus on how individuals move beyond moments of personal calamity.

For their first exhibition at WORKS|PROJECTS Heather and Ivan Morison will present an installation of black and white photographs and sculptures meticulously crafted from chalk and black ebonised timber that frame a narrative within the gallery, which in turn frames every action that takes place within the space.

Permeating the installation is a narrated audio piece between an older woman and a young girl, a mother and daughter. The two discuss the items in the space – the mother coaches the girl and stories are layered over the objects, whether these objects are sculptures or desks or donuts. Present in the conversation, the visitor is aware that it refers to the space they are in and the objects that surround them and that they are a component of the work. Commands are given, challenges to participate are issued. Sometimes the gallery staff will carry them out: move this, move that, dampen the sculpture, whisper these words, turn the lights off, leave the gallery. Sometimes the visitors will find themselves doing what they are told.

Mother and daughter are split, the visitor stands between them.


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