'Someshta’s Garden' Exhibition The Darker Side of Christmas 

22. Dec - 4. Jan 14 / ended Trispace Gallery

12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Exhibition | Multi-disciplinary | London

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The Vibe Gallery’s Christmas Exhibition.

When the Nymphs sing and the Green Man is sacrificed, the garden of life begins its renewal of time with the urban legend on December 21st. Someshta’s Garden explores the origin of where Christmas derives from, human’s exploration or corruption and the opulent grandeur of urban legend.

The origin of Christmas is a collection of myths, legends, culture and religion. Someshta, also known as the ‘Green Man’, was set to guard the ‘Eye of the World’. His presence can be found in old pagan churches and cathedrals, his face surrounded by, or made entirely from leaves.

The darker side of Christmas, focuses on the pagan traditions and beliefs. From the Greek mythology of seductive Nymphs who mercilessly engage in sexual activity, to the Winter Solstice and celebration of noise to bring back the sun. This spectacular season holds many mythical traditions that have been overridden by the man in the red suit.

Iconically, December 21st holds many different celebrations on an international scale and so this night Vibe will be celebrating it in an evening of cultural collaboration. Our Artists will manage to engage in a new level of meaning and understanding with one night of live Art and two weeks of a visually motivating exhibition. They have explored metaphorical and spiritual backgrounds in timeless encounters.

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