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To add an event to your favourites simply visit the event page and click on add to favourites. When you are adding an event to your list you will be asked if you want to receive a reminder 3 days before the event closes.

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Venues can be added by visiting a venue page and clicking the add to favourites button.

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Once you have added some events or venues, users with similar interests will appear on your account page. Their favourites might inspire you to discover new events, artists and venues.

Priting your favourites will give you an excellent plan for your next day out.

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ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts)
London, SW1Y 5AH United Kingdom

White Cube Mason's Yard
London, SW1Y 6BU United Kingdom

Whitechapel Gallery
London, e1 7qx United Kingdom

Wilkinson Gallery
London, E2 9DQ United Kingdom

Sadie Coles HQ
London, W1K 2QZ United Kingdom

London, E8 4DG United Kingdom

Simon Oldfield Gallery
London, W1K 3AP United Kingdom

Stuart Shave / Modern Art
London, W1T 5DX United Kingdom

London, E2 6QQ United Kingdom

Max Wigram Gallery
London, W1S 1DN United Kingdom

Cabinet Gallery
London, EC1 9HX United Kingdom

London, E8 4DA United Kingdom