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Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter

Born in Gävle, Sweden 1966.

Powerful, tough, challenging, tempting and at the same time vulnerable women play the leading role in the works of Swedish born Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter. Virtuous in her use of art, with historical and contemporary pop culture elements. Jansdotter's hybrid paintings tell us stories about the joys and sorrows of human relationships. She places emphasis on the roles and stereotypes women have been traditionally assigned, find themselves in now and should be claiming for themselves in future. Birgitta paints monumental, and with a cheeky wink to the 'normal' rules in painting. Through the hard-edged compositions, minimal pattern, and simplified shapes, the eyes gain the most prominent value. Centralized in the painting and seem to be mirroring the spectator. Often finding recourse in humor, she approaches the subjects combined with the dark side of life, lingering with hope. Missing her native country, she incorporates parts of the swedish mysterious landscape rich in symbols and myths rendered by imagination and her memories.

Jansdotter has exhibited worldwide in museums, galleries and art fairs from South Korea and Hong Kong, United States, England, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. Jansdotter has received two Art Prizes in Sweden. In the Netherlands she has been awarded the Jacob Hartog Prize (2007) and the Culture Award of Zuidplas (2017).


27 Solo Exhibitions,155 Group Exhibitions,

3 Art Prizes, 1 Culture Award.

Recent Exhibitions

2021 “Last Supper”, Odapark center for Contemporary Art, Venray

2020 “Aliens”, Dark Art Emporium, Long Beach, Los Angeles

2018 and 2019 (4 months) NordArt in Büdelsdorf, Germany, one of the largest annual exhibitions of contemporary art in Europe.

2019 “Europa” in Museum de Fundatie, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam and Museum Gouda.

2017 Duo Exhibition Kunstenfestival Watou,(3,5 month), Group Exhibition Stedelijk Museum Schiedam,

2017 Solo Exhibition: Village Church of Zevenhuizen

2017 “Water”, Museum de Fundatie

2018-2021 Exhibitions with the ArtNomaden Artist Community.(Co-founder.)

Recent Press

2021 Videoserie NordArt, Germany, interview

2019 Catalogus of “Europa”, Museum de Fundatie

2019 Catalogus of NordArt 2019, Germany

2018 The painting “Last Supper”in 150 newspapers and TV-stations

in Germany related to the 20 years Jubileum of NordArt (7 artists selected)

2018 Catalogus of NordArt 2018

2017 Pandora, magazine for Art & Literature, Interview,

2017 Film Interview for the TV program ‘Kunstwerk’, RTV Lansingerland

2017 Film Interview, Culture Award of Zuidplas, Omroep Zuidplas

2017 Algemeen Dagblad, “Nieuwerkerkse wint Cultuurprijs Zuidplas”

2017 Catalogus of Kunstenfestival Watou 2017

2017 Catalogus of “Water”, Museum de Fundatie

​2017 Belgium National TV, "Het Journal" showing "Last Supper"

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