Zivile Kasparaviciute


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Živilė Kasparavičiūtė (born 1989 in Alytus, Lithuania) – London-based acrylic artist, whose inspiration derives from traditional and social media as well as self-reflection and personal relationships. Having no formal art education she does not refer to academic art standards but is rather led by intuition.

In 2011, whilst in her last year of Lithuanian Philology studies at Vilnius University, Živilė moved to London to have a swim in unknown waters. Right after graduation she immersed herself in art. "Life experience has proven that creative potential is a substantial part of my personal identity, which brings meaning into my life, keeps me sane in perplexing situations as well as enables to build bridges between the inner and outer worlds" says the artist.

Živilė's works explore human temporality and passage of time, companionship and solitude and expose inner demons. They often draw attention to self-consciousness and relentless quest for inner fulfilment.

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