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Part of events on ArtRabbit in: Southampton, London

Walter van Rijn, artist, designer and researcher. Born in the Netherlands, van Rijn currently lives and works in the UK. His art practice critiques the conventions of the art object and questions the making and showing of art. He developed a ‘dispersal practice’, whereby the distribution of art is integral to the making of art. A cross-media practice dispersed through audio, blogs, books, fonts, videos, websites, exhibitions and public art. In his latest projects, he appropriates art’s meta-data as the material to work with. Subsequently, Van Rijn creates ambiguous half-digital objects that become transformed through processes such as aggregation and dispersal, embedding, symbiosis, hybridisation and a constant re-making or re-materialisation. His projects often involve a circulation of art objects through art institutions by using alternative ways of collecting, archiving and distribution. Recent work includes databases of artwork titles and exhibition histories, re-imagined through gallery installations and print media, such as fonts, artist’s books, wallpaper and print series. Van Rijn studied Landscape Architecture in the Netherlands and he received a PhD in Fine Art in 2015 from University of Southampton. Recent projects include: Time After Time. John Hansard Gallery, Southampton UK (2018); A_Selection_Of_66_From_JHG (Artist’s Book, 2018); How Can You & I Ever Be Free In The 21st C. (2018) Performance with Jane Birkin at SO:To Speak festival of words, Southampton and Poster on public billboard. Commissioned by Red Contemporary Arts. Funded by Hull UK City of Culture; Design and Publication of Being Human Font software (2016) []; Of Fig Untitled No In To Title I Portrait With Series Concetto Self Joy (Artist’s Book ed. 2014); Untitled Portfolio With No House Study I Portrait To Fairy On Life (Artist’s Book ed. 2014); Off-Site Desert Showroom Superform On-Stage On-Line A Blue Cobra Collects Death Like (2013) Collaboration with The Satellite Collective, New York; Yes we’re open: Annlee @ NIMk project. Exhibition and online collaboration at the Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam, NL (2012).

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