Steve Hoffman



I am Steve Hoffman, co-founder of the TO WALK project

I’m a product designer and educator with thirty years of experience in 3D design, photography and graphics and co-founder of the TO WALK project.

A synopsis of what we do

Visit our site at http://towalkproject.com/ for detailed information about ‘why’ we do, ‘what’ we do and ‘who’ we are.

We transform the act of walking from a mundane, tedious and for some a physically and/or mentally demanding exercise to a memorable and engaging experience that can reconnect the walker to familiar and new landscapes.

We research and develop outcomes that enhance and transform the walking experience in locations that are as diverse as a room to a reservoir or region… Once we’ve evaluated the product and or event with our partners, users and clients we produce the definitive outcome designed for that location walks. Outcomes include ‘rest and view’ location specific furniture that links the walker to the walks landscape and celebratory walking events.

We develop and produce location specific narratives which are communicated to the walker through soundscape audio and imagery incorporated into the ‘rest and view’ location furniture technology and apps. Location specific walking events that celebrate the landscapes of a particular walk are also part of our portfolio of outcomes.

The TO WALK project team consists of designers, soundscape musicians and a creative writer artist. Our teams multidisciplinary expertise enables programme outcomes to include physical products and or location specific walking events that combine a walking trail with an act of theatre.

My previous experience

I was director of KAN-GAR-ROO Ltd, a design practice specialising in the creation of innovative products for educational environments with focus on the early years and primary sectors. The innovative User Rich and Curriculum Rich R&D and product evaluation methods developed for KAN-GAR-ROO’s R & D programmes have also supported manufacturers and education institutions develop new user rich products and are being utilised to develop the TO WALK’s programme products.