Visiting Arts



Visiting Arts aims to promote international artistic exchange and strengthen access to opportunities for artists and creative businesses around the world, fostering understanding between cultures. We provide training and mentoring services in business development, networking events and platforms both on- and offline, and facilitate knowledge exchange about international working. Drawing on a pool of international associates to deliver our programmes and a wide network of respected programmers, curators and producers cultivated over decades of support to the sector, we believe that high quality intelligence about placement of artistic products abroad exists in the expertise and experience of our vibrant and growing community.

Since 1977 Visiting Arts has worked with some of the world's most innovative emerging contemporary artists in programmes that engage and inspire young people, communities and future professionals. Working with a range of partners including the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, British Council, Gulbenkian Foundation and Ministries of Culture across the globe, Visiting Arts has conducted research around international cultural leadership including trends in and barriers to international working and needs analyses. Our programmes serve both individuals and micro/small businesses looking to expand as well as festivals, cultural organisations, curators and bookers looking for fresh, innovative work.