Valéry Grancher


Born in 1967, Valéry Grancher is a French artist, theorist, curator and lecturer, living and working in Hong Kong.

He first became well know in the mid-1990s for his ‘Google paintings’ but his artistic practice is vast and covers internet art, video, photography, painting and installation. Valéry Grancher is an explorer. His curiosity leads him to investigate all kinds of territories such as the intimacy of AIDS patients, orbital space stations, the daily life of a Jivaro tribe in Amazonia, or the North Pole.

Last year, the French public collection National Fund for Contemporary Art, National Centre for Visual Arts (FNAC) acquired his video installations Geopol (a 24-hour tracking shot of the horizon at the North Pole) and Tanguntsa (a 6-hour shot in deep Amazonia).

Valéry Grancher has exhibited and gave performances in institutions worldwide, and his work is in numerous private and public collections.

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