Glass Cloud



In 2013 artist Hannah Luxton initiated Glass Cloud Gallery, a London based, independent, pop up window gallery which has a growing reputation for producing high quality, innovative exhibitions.

Glass Cloud collaborates with businesses and commission new work from exceptional artists with site responsive approaches to create exhibitions in windows for the passing world to see, and in turn provide artists with a platform for exposure to large audiences. This project enriches the local area visually, providing a beautiful and thought provoking experience to the daily routine of the local and

transient community in the busy city.

Glass Cloud has exhibited over 40 artists to date in 25 exhibitions across 4 venues: The Camden People’s Theatre, the Tin Cafe, Macai Ltd, and the Walthamstow Village Window Gallery, working with new graduates to mid career artists including Mike Ballard, Olivia Bax, Gary Colclough, Lothar Gotz and Alice Wilson.

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Farnham, London






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