Tom Hywel Cardew



Attempting to embrace the dilettante within; my work venerates simple complexities, profound hypocrisies and the cognitive dissonance of the ‘I’. When engaging with direct reason, I satisfy the desire for tangential lyricism. At certain hours of the day, I am a zealous writer of linear narrative fiction; I am now at the stage of acquiring publishing agent representation for my novel about the relationships experienced by the boy. At other moments, I compose ensemble installation works gazing bathetically towards seduction, fetish and anxiety (video, photography, sculpture, digital and comedy performance and stand-up).

Originally from Bridgend, I divide my time between Talgarth, Wales and London and am currently working on several projects in differing media:

Following a commission won through a 2-stage selection process, I am co-directing, writing, producing, performing in and post-producing a short comedy film for the ‘Online Film Channel’ Nowness & in collaboration with LVMH.

Developing upon the interest in my practise to explore ‘the best self’ or digital avatar of oneself, I held a workshop at the Tate Modern collaborating with a class group of year 4 students, from a Copenhagen School Islington, to consider concepts of adulthood, from their position of childhood, and performed through the moniker of an innocuous animated cat.