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Tina Oelker, born December 1973 lives and works in Hamburg since 1995. Tina grows up as the eldest daughter of two very young parents who, after several moves and attempts at orientation, finally divorce in a dramatic marital dispute in 1986. In 1989 she takes lessons in modern painting in her hometown of Hamm-Westphalia and during school Tina travels several times to Düsseldorf and draws with the students. Subsequently, she meets an Italian avant-gardist and travels regularly to Portofino. She has her first solo exhibition in Hamm-Westfalen with the support of two galleries. She finances her artistic education first as a babysitter, later as a waitress and with the sale of her paintings. After graduating from high school, she travels to New York City, where she studies illustration and painting. In 1995, she decides to move to Hamburg. Here she initially orientates herself in the club scene, makes „live paintings“ and opens her first producer gallery during her studies with the „Schützenfest“. Oelker graduates in 2004 with the motif of the brow hare. The hare becomes her oeuvre in 2007 and publicly accessible in the „Hasenmanufaktur Hamburg“ at the port of Hamburg in 2010 – 2015. The „Hafentor7“ is her second producer gallery, which celebrates with the „Schützenfest-Reloaded“ shortly before the demolition of the house the crowning conclusion. Tina Oelker then devotes herself to poetry and abstraction and publishes „Das Leporello“ in 2016. Since the end of 2017, Oelker has regularly invited visitors to the studio for social evenings (Black Arts Club) where the visitors themselves get into action with the art and become part of the game. In 2018, the first „Magazineforthearts“ follows, in that she bundles and further explores content both pictorially and verbally. In 2019, the second magazine and the abstract series „25 Colours Stockholm“ are published. In 2020, Tina Oelker pulls the rabbit out of the hat again and connects it to her overall work of the last 20 years in the form of an artist book „Of Hares and Gods“.

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