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Tam Hare was born in 1983 in Edinburgh, Scotland - presently based in Stockholm, Sweden. He is an artist, curator & producer, currently undertaking the CuratorLab research program at Konstfack, Stockholm. Tam’s own practice is primarily lens-based but he also combines other media in his work.

Tam graduated from an MA in Photographic Studies, from the University of Westminster in 2011. He has recently been working as a self-employed curatorial worker & arts technician; in addition to producing, exhibiting and working on his own practice & projects. He has worked on a range of exhibitions for arts organisation in Edinburgh, London, Dublin and South East England.

Recently Tam was working as a freelance curator, arts technician & personal assistant at artist led space Limbo, in Margate, England. In this role he helped to develop various features of their program. Latterly though - together with the Swedish artist Anna Glantz - he curated, organised, facilitated and exhibited in the exhibition Human Blues at Edinburgh’s St Margaret’s House. A further recent position was as the head curator, designer and project manager on the photography exhibition Leith & Edinburgh at War in Leith, Edinburgh. Prior to this, he was working as a gallery assistant & curatorial worker at the Herbert Reed Gallery in Canterbury & has worked in a similar capacity at the Turner Contemporary, Margate. Similarly, Tam was employed as a technician, researcher & curatorial assistant on the David Hall exhibition, at the University of Westminster's, Ambika P3 Gallery. In Sweden Tam has worked for Färgfabriken & Bonniers Konsthall, completing written and proofing work for their exhibition documentation, this year.

Graduating from a BA honours degree in Film & Photography in 2009, he has exhibited his own work in Edinburgh, London & the South East, and Dublin – where he was represented by a commercial gallery until 2013. Frequently collaborating with other artists, Tam is currently part of a working partnership. In addition, he regularly writes on the arts and cultural theory.

Through his work, he explores how an individual’s societal conditioning relates to underlying socio-economic factors and ideological controls. Central to this task, he scrutinises established connections that this evaluation has with the modern economic ‘state’ systems and institutions which form our existences. In doing so, Tam focuses on the affects globalisation and the prevalence of ever expanding sources of knowledge, have on dominate social orders. Specifically, he is interested in information obtained from new origins like, ‘the new media’ and internet, and their roles in the present formations of the capitalist system. As part of this research, Tam examines social and psychological isolation and its links to the individual positioned within the globalised capitalist state. Principally this study includes how a subject’s own psychological characteristics are affected when a society, which has become increasingly contradictory, is revealed and starts to be comprehended.

Leading on from his recent work Schizo, Tam is currently working on a project that continues to explore ideas relating to perceived cognitive issues and how this relates to global capitalism within a post-capitalist setting. By creating a subject that exists within this economic system, Tam aims to show a specific realisation of these structures and their productions, and depict how they are working against the collective will of their society.

September 2015

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