Steve Gore Rowe - wood turning


Steve handcrafts bespoke woodware and sculptural pieces from locally sourced hardwoods. Based in West Norfolk, he is influenced by the shapes and textures found in the natural world, as well as his experiences as a Graphic Designer.

He uses combinations of traditional and contemporary woodcraft skills and is continually experimenting with new ideas and techniques, creating decorative and functional products for the home. His most recent work focuses on the natural drying process of wood to influence the final design, celebrating the natural imperfections of the wood.

The pieces we will be showing at Houghton Hall this summer refelct the theme of our pop up: "A Fine Balance" and continue Steve's exploration of natural drying influencing green wood designs. Sculpted bases create physically interactive pieces which adjust according to surface finishes. As each piece dries the density and shape of the form changes causing the centre of gravity to adjust and reposition until fully dry. Ebonised ash vessels explore imperfections in the wood and celebrate characteristics by emphasising these imperfections with hand crafted repairs.

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