Shelley Burgoyne



Contemporary printmaker based in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, working across a wide range of printmaking media and textiles. Her intuitive creative approach flows through her innovative use of printmaking techniques. Her love of drawing, colour, marks and printmaking provide the starting point and inspiration for much of her image making.

Exploring and experiencing wild and natural places is central to Shelley’s art practice. She aims to make connections between her experiences, organic forms, found objects and personal events. Her work is inhabited with organic shapes, plant life and anatomy. The movement of water and its potential for change and renewal provides particular inspiration.

In the Autumn of 2015 Shelley spent four weeks as Artist in Residence at the Venice School of Graphic Arts. Her residency project aimed to extend the artist’s fascination with the architecture of the natural world and build on previous work in Morecambe Bay, County Mayo and the River Severn, Gloucestershire. During the residency Shelley worked at the Department of Micrology in Venice University where she spent time researching water samples from the Venice canals using the environment of a science laboratory to generate her artistic enquiry.

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