Rosario Ateaga is an artist and photographer who lives and works in Barcelona. Together with Andrés Vial, she co-directs the independent project space Espai Colona. In Barcelona, she has taken part to several curatorial and mediation projects, while also managing the coordination of different artist residencies. She has collaborated with international artists and her work has been exhibited in solo and group shows. Ateaga studied Fine Arts; she holds an MA in Art from the University of Chile and an MA in Museum Studies and Critical Theory from the University Autònoma of Barcelona, within the context of the Programme of Independent Studies (PEI) promoted by the MACBA, Barcelona. She made up radio projects and partakened in numerous public presentations, workshops and conferences. She initiated various artist residencies and publication projects and collaborated with a series of agents and collectives. She has recently been appointed Project Manager of the LOOP Discover Award.