Since childhood, Reiko grew up with art catalogues as picture books due to the influence of her father who was well-versed in art.

In 1984, I was attracted by British rock and art, especially Pre-Raphaelite and Fairy Tale and studied in the UK.

After 1986, we will accompany her father who supports contemporary artists and take action abroad.

At the stayed in France, Italy and New York for about 3 years.

And since I walked to many art museums and galleries, I deepened my heart and insight to love art.

After returning to Japan, she worked at Epson's overseas business department, children’s English conversation lecturer, and later at an established apparel maker in Ginza.

Reiko was looking forward to visiting domestic museums and galleries, art fairs, and expo, but her felt doubts about the sense of stagnation of the Japanese art world compared with the world and wanted to provide a global publication and place of activities Establish RSA agency from.

Her hobbies are museums, gallery tour, hot springs. Living wishes is to encounter impressive creative works, and to share those feelings with people.


1984 Belle College in England Study Pre-Raphaelites

1985 Saint Martin School of Art in England study life drawing

1986 In Italy study Renaissance

1987 In France study Symbolism

1988   New York Art Student League of New York study sculpture, modern art

2016   Established RSArt Agency (2017/1 Registration)

Top Locations

London, Kawasaki






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