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PANDO is a curatorial collective investigating proxy politics as an artistic counter strategy.

A proxy can take many forms such as a bot, an algorithm, a scam, a sound, an avatar, an alter-ego, a body double, a decentralized and immaterial object or even a curatorial collective. Currently located at EnclaveLab, PANDO intends to use the space as a laboratory to investigate the various manifestations of artistic proxies. These manifestations focus on technological, economical and social conditions the artists deal with by utilizing the proxy as a method of withdrawal from the art market, the institution, authorship or identity politics.

The program consists of five exhibitions, including installation, performance and sound art, as well as artist-curated exhibitions. PANDO will also produce one para-curatorial event each week. These events will be aligned with the current exhibition, however host different individuals research on cyber feminism, surveillance technology, sonic art and moving image.

During the five weeks at EnclaveLab PANDO will inhabit a proxy created by artist Anne de Boer. This proxy acts as a surrogate of both the artist and the collective, as well as an intermediary between them and the public. EnclaveLab will host Anne’s proxy on screens and structures he builds within this space. It will also be available online on ecksenis.net/something.

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