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Nigel Tooby is a UK based Contemporary Fine Art Photograper specialising in biting social commentary and using mixed media in addition to photographic process. Nigel Tooby lives and works in Wakefield, West Yorkshire and from his base there undertakes work assignments all over the UK.

He joined the Royal Photographic Society in 2009 and gained his Licentiate in 2010. He was awarded Associateship of the Society (Contemporary Panel) for a submission drawn from his project (formerly under the working title "Mi Familia") "We" (2016) which is an intimate monochrome documentary of family life and was made a Fellow of the Society (Contemporary Panel, 2012) for his book “of our times: the price of money”.

That project marked a major departure in his photographic style which, until that point, had specialised in contemporary travel, documentary and reportage photography. This led him to explore images which were pre-designed, staged, then intricately set and linked together to communicate information in a way which a single image cannot.

Accordingly, his style encompasses contemporary and documentary work as well as staged images designed for specific purposes. Much of his most recent work is created in series whereby images are carefully designed and made to comprise a single work in many parts. He is also producing work which utilises found and other materials as well as various ways of presenting images which add a further creative dimension to the work, as seen in series like “Eye Spy”, parts of which question the usual boundaries of what can be considered to be “photography” in its accepted sense.

His 2014 book, “The State we’re in” was shortlisted for the inaugural RPS international photobook competition and exhibited at Bath the same year. In 2016 he completed his latest photobook offering, “We”, drawn from the extended series “Mi Familia”. Meanwhile “Eye Spy”, created for the Simon on the Streets 2015 calendar, continues to stun audiences with outings in Harrogate, London, Bath, Wakefield and most recently at a one-day GEM Housing event in Bradford. He is currently working on a new short series concerning contemporary portraiture “Cutting edge portraiture and where to find it”.

Nigel’s work has been featured four times in Contemporary Photography Journal (Spring 2017, Summer 2013, Winter 2014, Autumn 2014) and a further article appeared in Contemporary Times (Feb 2014).

He is:

- a member of London Independent Photography,

- a member of AxisWeb

- a Fellow of the RSA

- a Fellow of the RPS

- currently Artist in Residence and proud to support Simon on the Streets

Recent exhibitions and talks:

- Judge, Selby Camera Club Points Competition, Selby, 17th - 20th October 2016

- Eye Spy, The Magic Gallery, Adelaide Street, London 20th -29th April 2016

- Eye Spy, RPS HQ, Fenton House, Bath, Solo exhibition 15th Jan - 26th Feb 2016

- Guest Exhibitor, HIVE 2015, Harrogate

- Speaker at Hull International Photographic Festival, HIPFest, October 2015

- Eye Spy - extract. pop-up exhibition. July 2015. G.18 The Art House, Wakefield ArtWalk

- of our times: the price of money. Solo exhibition, 17 Jan - 1st March 2015. Artspace Gallery, The Ropewalk, Barton.

- Eye Spy. Solo exhibition. October 2014. Workhouse Modern, Harrogate

- The State we're in. RPS International photobook exhibition, Group exhibition, Fenton House, Bath 2014

- Speaker at NMM Bradford, 2013

- Speaker at RPS weekend seminar, University of Plymouth, 2012

- Numerous other talks to clubs and societies

Nigel has work in private collections in London, Edinburgh, Dubai, Melbourne and various other places.

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