Milan Houser


Milan Houser (*1971) is most well known for his signature roof sculptures, using spray technology to gradually layer the paint creating the perfect application of paint and varnish followed by a step of polishing. The colors are applied to the interiors of the geometrically exact cut off roofs of wrecked cars. It becomes a technologically perfect prepared surface area in which remains damage from the impact of a crash. Another presented series of work are his, Litky, a cycle based on applying a large amount of material on the surface of a canvas. The process of pouring creates deep pools containing tens of litres of paint. Definition of the image is then defined by the structure of the frame. The artist uses a special softened paint, which can be colored and applied in layers and large volumes, without cracking in the drying process.

Houser‘s recent work supports and develops the basic features of his work: a fascination with technological possibilities, the experimental procedures of research (the artist in cooperation with Colorlak developed his own emamel color), insisting the search for new materials, processing and balancing perfectionism between surface and space.

Milan Houser is represented in these collections: National Gallery of Prague, Gallery Jána Koniarka in Trnava, Museum of Brno and also private collections in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Austria, Japan and the U.S.