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I am a photographer and filmmaker based in London. I came to photography seriously fifteen years ago when I first started work in a social enterprise dedicated to supporting disadvantaged people through multimedia tools. I have taken tens of thousands of still images and shot and edited over 400 short films with and for disadvantaged people, charities, the NHS and local authorities. Shooting film at 25 fps has taught me the obvious - the subtleties of angles, the role of detail in constructing a story, the creative potential of different lenses, shooting for the edit, the possibilities of depth of field, the bedrock of good framing, and, of course, the extraordinary sound world of films. But the experience has convinced me of the supremacy of the well-made still image in conveying a powerful narrative. Still photography has the unique capacity to capture the essence of an object, a person, a place - a moment when the subject becomes an icon of itself. Usually, the first shot taken while feeling this heightened sense of possibility is the one that works. The joy of contemporary photographic tools is that they enable us to go beyond the image in the lens and reflect more deeply on the message that presented itself at that instinctive moment.

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