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I started to love art after a trip to Holland, where I was overwhelmed by Rembrandt’s mysterious settings and modulations of light. With a backward path I have been studying the references of the Dutch Master, up to the analysis of the creative processes of the Renaissance artists, even through studies on the various restoration interventions in the publications of the major international museums and retrieving information on several lost masterpieces, of which we have traces only through copies. Going on with my research, I started using formulations of colors and supports compatible with those of the “old masters” in order to get a better duration reliability and thinking of their ability to communicate intense emotions. As a result, current issues such as feminicide and racism, or some classic themes like the initiation to Alchemy have been dealt in a contemporary reworking of techniques, styles and the iconography of the past, creating compositions in which references to space and time are reduced to essential.

Selected exhibitions:

Italian Cultural Institutes: Cairo 2016, Stuttgart 2015, Prague 2013


Ostrakon, Milano Expo 2015

Espace Beaurepaire Paris 2014

State Of The Arts, Hong Kong 2012

WOW Art, Brussels 2011


Civic gallery, MS Martino 2014

Marcucci, Ascoli 2014

Popular Arts & Traditions, Rome 2011

Buonaccorsi, Macerata 2010

Works in Selected Public Collections:

Cultural Coptic-Ortodox Centre, Cairo, Egypt

Civic Museum of art, Monte San Martino, Italy

Santa Maria del Buon Consiglio Church, Ascoli Italy

Sacro Cuore Church, Ascoli, Italy

Marcucci Museum, Ascoli, Italy

S. Lucia Church, Serravalle del Chienti, Italy

Nobile Contrada San Giovanni, Sant’Elpidio a mare, Italy

Selected Private Collections:

Belgium; Egypt

Italy: Milano, Roma, Venezia, Ascoli P., Lodi, Fabriano, Bergamo, Macerata

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